The old College Boy image once used for all parts of the company. (above)

The New Logo as of 2012

How it all started...

    Over 12 years ago, at the age of 19, Armani Valentino was challenged by a group of college friends to write as many poems at any time he was asked. Each time he would do this, he realized that he was pretty good at being able to write about love very easily. The collection of poems that he wrote during this period later became what would be his first book, The Perfect Girl. He self-published this book and was able to sell over 500 copies before he got bored with it and went back to focusing more on music. However, before doing so, he came up with a name that would be able to fit all of his different companies that he wanted to start and was interested in. 

The name he came up with was "College Boy." The name was based off of one of his business idols, Sean "P.Diddy" Combs entertainment conglomerate, Bad Boy. 

Armani says, "Diddy had Bad Boy, so I decided I would be College Boy." Because Armani was already promoting events on & off campus at his college, under the name College Boy Productions, he chose to use the name College Boy Publishing on his book. Over the years, the name stuck and was easily transferrable to include, College Boy Printing & Graphics, College Boy Records, College Boy Promotions, College Boy Clothing, College Boy Consulting and ultimately the College Boy Company! 

We Believe in Literacy, Education, Healthy Relationships, 
Health/Wellness & Entrepreneurship!

Many times throughout the year we are asked to donate books to youth. WE always are able to do so because individuals like yourself donate throughout the year. Thanks in advance for your donation. 

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