I Once Was A Preacher - Bestseller


From Youth Pastor to the Most Wanted List...


When is the last time you heard an honest testimony? Not the edited versions heard during Sunday morning church service, nor those polished for the sake of offending the super religious. Rather, the transparent kind that imperfect individuals need to bring hope to their hopeless situations. Testimonies that will encourage individuals to know they can overcome life's biggest failures and most challenging setbacks.


I Once Was a Preacher, based on a true story, is a personal account of the success and failure of one of America's most sought after youth pastors. Journey through a world of sex, scandal, secrets, and sin; sheltered by sermons in sanctuaries.


This book tells the ultimate story of redemption in the life of Clydell White, and his journey from prestigious pulpits to painful prisons. Witness his rise, fall, and resurrection.

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