Think In The Now For Success

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Think In The Now For Success was created to inspire you. You will see a quick increase in your SUCCESS after reading and utilizing this book. It is a personal achievement book and behavior modification tool that will open your mind.


Through acting upon your thinking and using tips from this manual, you should be able to free your thoughts, increase your POTENTIAL, and have more SUCCESS.


Better is before you; it starts today.


About the Author

CEO, Author, Human Resources Expert, Career & Performance Coach, Mediator, Educator, Trainer, Speaker, Motivator, Strategist, Consultant, and Mentor, Isidora "Izzy" Lewis is the Co-Founder of HEI. Holistic Education Institute or HEI is a community-based movement with a mission to maximize potential in individuals. It was the perseverance of “daring to be different” that birthed this humble servant leader and the company she co-founded. Izzy Lewis, born Isidora Lewis to the proud parents Percy Lewis, Sr. and Florine Lewis. Izzy, as the youngest of her medium size family, developed her leadership and negotiation skills very early in her life, by negotiating with her siblings and parents. From a tender young age, Izzy was determined to embrace her uniqueness and her assertive goal-getting personality. At age 21 she attained a Bachelor’s Degree, which was the first major step towards her business and career breakthrough. Over the years she has worked with major companies such Columbia University in the City of New York, and community-based organizations such as The Salvation Army. Izzy takes pride in education and everyday learning and has attained degrees and certificates from various universities, her most recent being Southern Methodist University in Dallas TX. She is the Author of articles listed as “Giving Minds Their Wings”, “A Look At Your Life, Where It Is,” and “Being Multi-Talented May Not Be As Recognized.” Izzy continues to embrace her devotion/patriotism by her many contributions to the community; listed as work with NPOs, development of the Youth through Interactive Workshops, Mentoring, as an Adjunct Professor, and Coach/Mediator. Izzy takes pride in her involvements such as serving on the Career Services Advisory Committee of North Lake College (DCCCD Community Colleges), The Mentor Matcher Board of Directors, as well as servicing the community as a Notary. Mrs. Lewis looks forward to maximizing potential and sharing and developing our community, through her recent endeavor as the author of THINK IN THE NOW FOR SUCCESS.

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