I Am Not My Circumstance - #1 Amazon.com Bestseller


I Am Not My Circumstance came about when I finally had an awakening and began to tap into why God created me. Your circumstances, rather derived from, child molestation, domestic abuse, drug abuse, growing up with both parents being absent in the home, adoption, or even being bullied. I could go on and on. However, I call all of these, “circumstances, or SO WHATS!”


This book will advise you on how to deal with YOU and the illusion that your circumstances create in which are all designed to keep you living in fear.


In Matthew 7:7-8 of the Holy Bible, it states, “Ask and it shall be given t you, seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be opened unto you.” Growing up, no one taught me how to deal with “me.” In this book, I will reveal to you how I learned to deal with my “inner me.”


If God can choose a little black nappy headed girl who grew up in a dysfunctional, broken, single parent home in the projects on the North side of Hope, Arkansas to tell you everything is possible, the possibilities are endless! Don't let situation and circumstance that are designed to keep you enslaved have control of your life. Claim God's promise! The bible says that life is designed for each and every living human to live a life full of abundance. It's our inheritance!

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