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Crabology: How to Recognize and Overcome the Crab Mentality in Yourself and Others

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Crabology is a book about humanity and our interactions with others. It brings to light the attitudes that hinder our individual and collective progress. It offers insight into how to overcome the negative forces that hinder our progress. Crabology is a game changers opportunity to foster great success with themselves and others.


Crabology: the study of the mental attitude, language and actions of individuals within a culture who refuse to support others in their efforts to better themselves, their community, and/or their organization(s).


Crabbing: the emitting of a negative mental attitude, language, and/or actions from an individual(s) or group, with the intent to stop or hinder the progress and success of an individual(s) or group.


Crab mentality: the negative mental attitude that causes language and actions from an individual(s) or group(s) towards other individual(s) or group(s), with the intent to hurt, cause pain, distract and ultimately stop or hinder the progress and success of an individual(s) or group(s).

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