My Spirit Opened Up: 10 Years to Freedom


My Spirit Opened Up: 10 Years to Freedom is a glimpse into my life’s journey of healing, restoration and unconditional love for self and others. Although I have had the notion of my life needing to change for some time now, it wasn’t until the events surrounding Hurricane Katrina that I truly began to seek the Lord for total transformation into what He wants me to be and for what He wants for my life.


As you read each poem, imagery of learning how to stand, learning how to walk in the midst of adversity, and breaking forth out of cocoons to be able to spread your wings should come to mind. Each page is a step in the direction of the only One, who can save, heal, and set free. For those who are in fragmented places, I hope that you find strength, courage, forgiveness and love of self and others to move forward.


Allow your spirit to open up as the words roll through your mind. Be determined to have victory in Christ. Surrender to His call and His will for your life. And know, that you no longer have to lie in the grave clothes of your past nor be subject to its aftermath.

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