Love, Lust, & Life


About the Book

Love, Lust, & Life is a collection of poems by performance poet, VaKation or Ron Whitaker, Jr. 

In this first installment of poetry, VaKation has chronalized his most intimate thoughts and feelings on the pages within. The thoughts, trials, and triumphs of his personal life are unique and riveting. As he struggles to find his way through Life, he experiences the struggles of trying to decipher the thin line between Love and Lust. 

About the Author


Ron Whitaker Jr., the youngest of 6 siblings from a small North East town in Texas, was instilled with the moral values of God, family, love, and loyalty. Being the youngest of 6 siblings, he was always known for being a watcher, a good listener, and a mediator.


Coming from small town (DeKalb ,TX) and a humble beginning, life had its ups and downs and as individuals we all deal with our situations the best of our knowledge and ability . One day Mr. Whitaker attended a poem night at Skyward Lounge in Texarkana, Arkansas, where he listened to several artists performing their own spoken word poetry. While snapping his fingers he was confronted by a man named "Tank." Tank told Mr. Whitaker, “I bet you could do that…” not knowing that it was something he always wanted to do but he was nervous.


Ron eventually performed and took on the stage name, VaKation , representing his ability to captivate his audience through his words and voice to create a vivid picture; often causing those listening to go on a mental vacation. From the seed planted that night by "Tank," his dream, this book, came to fruition.


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