It's Never A Fair Game

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Imagine being born to a mother who didn't care about her life, let alone your life, to the point she decides to shoot up just before delivering you. Your chances of survival would be nothing short of a miracle, right? So goes the story of Miracle Johnson.


​After her birth, she winds up immediately in the foster care system, spending her earliest years, parent-less. Her mother finally cleans her life up and becomes focused on raising her miracle baby who is now a preteen. The only issue is, the streets keep calling Loretta back to her kingpin boyfriend, James.


Can James let the streets go and become the family man Loretta and Miracle need him to become? Or will Loretta risk her life and her daughter's relationship to prove her love and loyalty to her man?


Miracle soon realizes one thing about life, "It's Never a Fair Game!" All she wants is a normal life free of foster care and her mother Loretta clean from drugs and the street life. Sometimes the life you wanted ends up worse than the life you already had.

From the Book: 

Loretta could tell that James was high and she seduced him. She lightly pushed him on the bed and started unbuckling his belt and unzip-ping his jeans. James just grinned like he knew what was in store for him.

Loretta proceeded to take off his pants, moving very slowly and seductively. Once his pants were completely off, she grabbed his dick with her hands and said, “Now close your eyes and let your boo take you away from all of your troubles, baby.” She put James’ penis in her mouth, and he suddenly felt his blood rushing through his veins. It felt as if he was getting a massage by her throat. With his eyes rolling back in his head, he felt paralyzed from the rhythmic suction of her luscious lips and moist tongue. He enjoyed every minute of this unex-pected pleasure.

After she pleased James, she looked at him and said, “James, if you won’t leave the streets for me, then can I at least be your part-ner? Can I help you and be a part of what you’re trying to build, James?”

James seriously stared at her “Loretta, this is life or death. The business I’m in is dan-gerous. It’s not for suckas. You have a child to look after. If anything happens to you or we get busted, then what happens to Miracle?


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