The Investment of Love


In his second book, Clydell White, brings his newest addition to his arsenal, entitled The Investment of Love. Love and relationships tend to be one of the biggest challenges people face nowadays. The challenges seem to get worse by the year. The desire to be in a healthy relationship seems be present amongst most people from all walks of life, however, the knowledge of how maintain a healthy relationship over many years often remains a mystery. During his 18 year relationship Clyde has faced many challenges with his wife Ebony of over 16 years by his side. He says that his ability to remain focused on making good on his word and reaping the benefits of his investment to love, honor, and cherish her has taught him that successful relationships of all kinds require specific traits that can be taught and learned by both the man and the woman. In the Investment of Love, he gives a detailed snapshot through real life examples, nature, and personal encounters between he and his wife Ebony. Preface:Things have changed, technology is ever advancing, and the culture of our society is a foreign language from the days of an adult's past upbringing. Thus, the days of dating are far beyond sending a handwritten love letter asking someone you think you like, "Do you like me? Please circle yes or no." In fact, the ways we communicate have evolved. Love letters are a thing of the past. The thrill of a steady and patient chase in pursuit of winning the heart of an individual has been robbed by speedy social media inboxing with hopes of expeditiously transitioning into sexting. The sum of these condensed processes usually equal one-night stands filled with mornings of regret. If you have had this type of experience, you are probably suffering from a reservation to try again. So what do you do? If you're like most people, you block out random people and prevent yourself from giving anyone else you are unfamiliar with a chance. Then, you tell yourself you will only get involved with people you really know or have known for some time. Once putting thought into this, you begin to think and search online for friends from your past, classmates, and old work associates. Only to discover them now happily married, or interested in genders opposite of your own! Reality sets in that maybe you didn't know them as well as you thought you did. Either way, your biological clock continues to tick as time waits for no one. You then must face the reality that either you are going to take a risk on love again or stay single for the rest of your life. In the chapters to come, I will use my more than 20 years of experience in finding love and building a healthy marriage with my wife of 16 years. Love is definitely an investment. My question for you is, "Are you prepared for the expense?" Let's find out in the chapters to come.~Clydell WhiteThe Chapter titles are below:1. The Investment of Love2. Processes3. To Kill a Ladybug4. Aim for The Head5. Boaz is not the only Man6. Ask For Help7. Men are Cheetah's8. Let Her Leopard9. When Fathers Release Sons10. Dating With A Purpose11. Communicating on Purpose12. Public Front, Private Fun

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