Armani ValentinoRelationship/Communication Specialist & Renaissance Man

Armani Valentino, BS, CEOE & Founder of College Boy Publishing.  He also is the Director of Marketing & Book Acquisitions and handles the primary day-to-day operations of the company.  He wrote and self-published his first book at the age of 19. He is now a National Bestseller and 4-time Amazon.com International Bestseller and has written & published more than 20 books.

His vision is to be the Motown of the Book industry for the next generation of authors.  Valentino says, "Publishing is supposed to be fun and much easier than what the traditional channels have made it to be. An author that has a good message or story should be able to have their book reviewed, with or without an agent; especially if they have proven that they can write books that sell." 

Armani has taken the same strategies he learned over the last 27 years of marketing with the intention to BREED BESTSELLERS. "I plan to have every single author on the College Boy Publishing become a bestselling author on multiple platforms."  

At the age of 5 years old, Armani Valentino was selling his mother's cookbooks door-to-door. "So, when I say have 27 years of selling books, I am very serious. My mother and younger sister would sell the books on one side of the street while my older sister (who was a little shy) and I would sell on the opposite side of the street. She would do the knocking and I would do the talking." 

Armani Valentino who could read very well at the age of 4 had read the equivalency of over 1,000 books before the age of 25. "I have read so many books and information that I have lost count. I believe in education but even more in education outside of the classroom. I like to teach, but even more so I love to do!"

Website: www.armanivalentino.com

Victor Adetiba - Super-Director & Business Consiglere

Victor Adetiba aka Super-Director, is the first author besides the founder to be officially signed to College Boy Publishing. 


Adetiba is a serial entrepreneur that has started 7 successful businesses.  His most successful being Adetiba Productions, which has done business with many independent and major record labels in the entertainment industry. He is an award-winning film maker and brings many of his talents and business acumen to the College Boy Publishing family.  

His book, 5 Things You Need to Know Before Starting Your Business made the best-sellers list literally overnight for it's category of business on Amazon.com and remained there for an entire month. 

Personal Website: www.adetiba.com

Business Website: www.businessconsig.com

Cherese Walker, MS Ed - The Educator

As a compassionate educator and devoted advocate for women and children, Cherese Walker, MS Ed, has built a career that can be summarized in one phrase: “helping others.”  She has spent more than 13 years supporting children, women, and men in overcoming obstacles to live their dreams. Cherese is a certified life coach and co-founder of The Life Coach Training Institute in Dallas, Texas. As a life coach, she uses professional expertise and wisdom gained from challenging life experiences to work one-on-one with women to help them transition from problem-focused to strength-based lives. She helps them remove barriers to success – such as fear, apathy, and inaction to identify and achieve their personal and professional goals.

Cherese's first book with College Boy Publishing will be entitled 7 Steps to Self Love. It is an ebook that she has written based on a workshop that has been successful for all attendees in getting to and understanding the importance of self-love and it's role on all of our personal and impersonal relationships. 

Cherese is dedicated to community service and serves on the board of Helping Youth Prepare for Excellence, Inc. – in Dallas, Texas – where she is Director of Etiquette Programs. She was also a member of the Perris Art’s & Activities committee in Perris, California for several years. Cherese earned a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Paul Quinn College and a Master of Arts in Adult Education and Distance Learning from the University of Phoenix. She was also trained and certified as a life coach at the Orange County Life Coach Institute.  Cherese also has been a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority 
since 1997.

Originally from Chicago, Illinois, Cherese resides in Dallas, Texas where she is raising her son and pursuing her goal of helping others achieve the personal and professional success needed to create healthy families and thriving communities.

The Lord has blessed me immeasurably with the strength and knowledge I needed to live my best life.  Now my passion is for the uplifting and happiness of my sisters who desire a life of empowerment and sustaining joy that their existence will be blessed too.“ Author Unknown"


Elizabeth Hylton - The Hopeless Romantic

Elizabeth or Liz as she is known by those closest to her, was actually supposed to be the first author signed to College Boy Publishing.  Due to the recent addition to her family, a beautiful baby girl, since CBP is a family oriented company, we decided to put things on hold. 

Either way, her book, Jamaica Trip: A Memoir of Love, tells of her personal journey to attracting the life that she wanted. 


Armani Valentino took a personal interest in publishing the book based on an email that Liz sent him concerning how their meeting in 2009 inspired a new shift in her life.  

Jamaica Trip is an absolutely beautiful love story that is based on the real events that took place during a very special period in her life.  However, because the story continues to just get better and better, the follow up to Jamaica Trip will be just as fascinating. 


Kelland Drumgoole - Serial Web Entrepreneur & Music Artist

Kelland Drumgoole aka K-Diamondz to the hip-hop & music world, is a fast rising web-based media mogul. His website, SoSoActive.com is receiving rave reviews from across the music/technology industries. 

Drumgoole believes that the future of music is mobile and has been stating that since he was in college back in 2000. 

He sees music as a part of everyone's life no matter, race, religion, or socio-economic status.  His great business acumen and ability to reach out to individuals and create WIN-WIN situations was the reason that College Boy Publishing decided to bring him on board. 

He is currently negotiating a 3-Book deal with College Boy Publishing and has submitted one book that has been accepted and pending release SUMMER 2012.


Jerra Mitchell - Certified Lady & Etiquette Specialist 

Jerra Mitchell, who prides herself on being old-fashioned, believes all women should carry themselves as ladies. She is totally against calling another woman or herself a "bad bitch." Instead, she prefers ladies or queens.

"The Death of Bad Bitch" is her first book, and it ranked #7 in Amazon's best-sellers list upon its release. Mitchell is a talented, influential, and tenacious woman with an inspiring story to tell. 

She struggled with low  self-esteem and abandonment issues while growing up that cultivated as a direct result of her father not being present in a vast majority of her life. Additionally, she dealt with trust issues from men who apparently meant her no good. Through it all, she was able to rebuild her self-esteem, genuinely forgive her father, and is now open to love again. Mitchell also writes about how being celibate helped her to discover her self-worth in order to embrace the idea of being in love.

Mitchell currently resides in Indiana where she is working on her second book and earning her Master's degree. She holds an A.A.S. in Business Administration and a B.S. in Organization Management. Mitchell is also certified in Etiquette. In her spare time, she loves to cook, bake, decorate, read, and write.


Miracle Hendrix - Fashion Mogul & Entrepreneur

Known to the fashion world as Miracle's Closet or MC, Miracle Hendrix is the founder of the popular clothing line known as Miracle's Closet. He is also the author of the TOPSelling book for 2014 on College Boy Publishing. 

His Business Tactics and salesmanship, along with his perfect sense of style, make him a force to be reckoned with. 

Having gone through the fire and survived in the belly of the beast, he has come out a newer, hungrier and more passionate person than ever before. 



Lanisha Porter - Young Scholar & Activist

As the youngest author on College Boy Publishing, Lanisha Porter, 19, is a scholar who studies Philosophy and Political Science at Manhattanville College in Purchase, New York. 

She passionately identifies herself to be an ambassador for empowerment and an enthusiast for social harmony, aspiring to serve her community through multiple ventures. Lanisha's first effort to empower and give back is through her literature which is witnessed in the writing of her first book, “Things I Never Talk About.” She is also a graduate of Louisville Central High School Magnet Career Academy. Porter is a young woman of vision who has long envisaged starting a program to encourage young women into personal excellence despite the external factors that infringe on being able to do so at times hence she founded “Discovering Destiny.” Lanisha has future aspirations of opening an Empowerment Center for young women within the confines of downtown Louisville as well as becoming a practicing entertainment lawyer.

Clydell "Clyde" White - Struggleologist & BusinessMan of Life

With the most talked about book on College Boy Publishing of 2014, Clyde is best described in one word; cultured! Serving in many capacities as a Pastor, leader, husband, father, and friend!

Being a man of faith, husband of one, and the father of two has shown him there is nothing more important in life than family! Having brushed shoulders with the most renowned names in both religious and business circles, he believes we all should strive to live a balanced life. His professional career stems from strong roots in the area of motivational speaking; he started at the tender age of 17 traveling the country abroad earning sky miles that are respectable by any jet-setter! Touching the hearts of thousands, he has been an inspiration, life coach, and mentor.

His break into Corporate America came by way of the automotive industry as a service consultant with years of experience in both foreign and domestic brands. Presently and proudly using his talents with the "ORR AUTO GROUP" in Texarkana, Texas as the Recon Department Manager. The brainchild and founder of a "unique" mobile App for Automotive Service Departments; "Service Drive Quick Quote" is currently available for smart devices!

After graduating from the school of hard knocks, Clydell was passionate to share his "REAL" testimony through his first book "I Once Was A Preacher."  He wrote it for the encouragement of others to help them overcome obstacles and setbacks! His openness and transparency are refreshing to this generation of reality seekers!

The Crown of all his assignments is being a "Confidant," to many Leaders, Clergymen, and Businessmen around the world! Proudly being an ear and confidential source earning the trust of others; Clydell gives the platform that people desperately need to vent without judgment and the fear of exposure. His biblical basis on that principle is supported in James 5:16.

As of November 16th 2014 Clydell & Ebony White was named the successors to the Honorable Bishop G. Glen Murphy and First Lady Ruthie Murphy. He transitioned to senior pastor of Word of Life Ministries of Texarkana, Arkansas.

A people person to the core, he never meets a stranger or lacks a conversation, whether it be on the street corner or in the presence of dignitaries. He believes in paying it forward in life and is actively involved in the community; dedicating himself to a life service!


Li'a Petrone - Retired Teacher, Soul Food Chef & Liberator

Fulfilling my destiny according to the Universe and The Creator's plan for my life is my soul purpose.  We have all been downloaded with a map that includes road signs for our life journey.  My first personal sign was delivered by Thoth, the Egyptian God of writing.  I was only thirteen years old when out of the ether he delivered a profound message that has always been a part of my being.   He said, and I quote, "You are going to be famous for a book".   I did not know when, but I knew that what he said would happen.

My accomplishments include becoming a mother of three children and five grandchildren.  I became a teacher in my early thirties and retired just last year after a twenty-two year career.  Those two accomplishments have been the foundation for the writing that I do today.  I am the author of Soulfood Cooking, "At My Place", a hardback heirloom cookbook with recipes like "hot water cornbread" and "blackened salmon".  I have written vignettes for school textbooks and presently write articles for the OMCBV&C (www.iamoneofthemillion.com), the Black Youth section.   

Walking in my purposeful path is my sincere desire for the rest of my days.  I have set a short term goal of producing ten books that will aid, assist, inspire, and inform our youth  in an uplifting and positive manner.  I want youth of African descent in America to feel that the books I write are especially written for them.  This is the time of new horizons for me.  I pray that the books I write will take me to some exciting places and connect me to some extraordinary people.  I look forward to book signings, author parties and travel.  I decree that every author on College Boy Publishing will reach a level of measurable success that brings money, good homes and friendships in all walks of life.

Izzy Lewis - Human Resources Expert, Strategist, Coach & Mediator

CEO, Author, Human Resources Expert, Career & Performance Coach, Mediator, Educator, Trainer, Speaker, Motivator, Strategist, Consultant, and Mentor, Isidora Izzy Lewis is the Co-Founder of HEI. Holistic Education International or HEI is a community-based movement with a mission to maximize potential in individuals. It was the perseverance of “daring to be different” in 1973 at a young age that birthed this humble and serving leader and company she co-founded.


Izzy Lewis, born Isidora Lewis to the proud parents Percy Lewis, Sr. and Florine Lewis. Izzy, as the youngest of her medium size family, developed her leadership and negotiation skills very early in her life, by negotiating with her siblings and parents. From a tender young age, Izzy was determined to embrace her uniqueness and her assertive goal-getting personality. At age 21 she attained a Bachelor’s Degree, which was the first major step towards her business and career breakthrough.


Over the years she has worked with major companies such Columbia University in the City of New York, and community-based organizations such as The Salvation Army. Izzy takes pride in education and everyday learning and has attained degrees and certificates from various universities, her most recent being Southern Methodist University in Dallas TX. She is the Author of articles listed as “Giving Minds Their Wings”, “A Look At Your Life, Where It Is,” and “Being Multi-Talented May Not Be As Recognized.”


Izzy continues to embrace her devotion/patriotism by her many contributions to the community; listed as work with NPOs, development of the Youth through Interactive Workshops, Mentoring, as an Adjunct Professor, and Coach/Mediator. Izzy takes pride in her involvements such as serving on the Career Services Advisory Committee of North Lake College (DCCCD Community Colleges), The Mentor Matcher Board of Directors, as well as servicing the community as a Notary.


Ms. Lewis looks forward to maximizing potential and sharing and developing our community, through her recent endeavor as the author of THINK IN THE NOW FOR SUCCESS.



Tameka Lovett-Coulter - Women's Advocate & Keeper of the Faith

Tameka Lovett is a highly anointed and multi-talented young woman of God.  She has worked with younger kids and teenagers her whole life; she has also assisted with several children’s and youth ministries. She discovered she had the gift of writing at the age of 14 years old and has been writing ever since. She has a very powerful gift of writing and has written several skits for youth groups, and she has written articles for the Christian Magazine, Life in the Overflow, CEO Shanica Bell at www.shanicabell.com.  She is also the author of Keeping the Faith While Saying Goodbye, and Decisions, The Journal of a Life's Story. In her spare time, she enjoys doing photography for friends and family.

She truly has a heart for God and people of all ages, to lead them and guide them on the right path to God. She assists her husband Elder Alvin Coulter Sr. in ministry as well as being an advocate for pregnancy & infant loss.

Tameka has developed a heart for women who are victims of Pregnancy & Infant Loss, due to her personal experiences with miscarriages and early stillborn births. She thrives to reach out to women all over the world to help them through the process of grief due to such a loss, by sharing the Word of God with all whom she speaks. She has a heart for broken women and does all she can to help pull others out of sin and reach their salvation in Christ. She has reached many woman ranging from the USA, Europe, Canada, and Australia. In these experiences, it led her to write her latest’s book keeping the Faith While Saying Goodbye.

Tameka is the daughter of now retired Pastor and lead vocalist of The Soul Searchers of Eldorado, Arkansas, Pastor Willie Lee Lovett Jr. and Ms. Carol Modica. She is married to Elder Alvin Coulter Sr., and together they share six children, three living and three deceased.


Kendall T. Johnson - Master Stylist & Lover of all things Beautiful

Kendall Tackara Johnson is a native of Hope, Arkansas. She is a 2000 graduate of Hope High School where she actively participated in various organizations. Kendall has always been a very driven individual. By the time she was twelve years old, she knew that the world of wellness, beauty and fashion with emphasis on professional hair care was her calling.

Upon graduating from high school, Kendall enrolled in Career Academy Cosmetology School in Texarkana, TX where she successfully completed the requirements to be a licensed cosmetologist. In an effort to develop her skills and to further become cognizant of the aforementioned, Kendall added to her vitae, platform artist, make-up artist, esthetician (permanent make-up) and hair replacement specialist.

Additional accomplishments ascertained by Kendall is being the assistant stylist on the 2009 Tom Joyner Cruise and has won multiple awards in several hair shows including Texas International Hair Battle and American Hair Idol in Little Rock, AR. Kendall has certainly distinguished herself as a serious consultant and practitioner in the field. 

Presently, she is involved in the following:

  • Independent consultant for Mocca Cosmetics
  • Distributor of Kemit Gold Hair Products
  • Team Hollywood – an international styling team operated by Patric Bradley
  • Co-founder of Star Status Styling Team – Little Rock, Arkansas
  • International Stylist
  • Motivational Speaking
  • Educator and Author

Since “Excellence Without Excuse” is the motto that she lives by, Kendall perpetuates her professional prowess by attending seminars, hair shows, and workshops as well as remaining abreast of relevant research regarding essential and best practices of wellness, beauty, and fashion.


Toni C. Elmore - Retired Army Veteran & Doctoral Candidate

Born in Chicago, IL, but raised all over, Toni C. Elmore has lived and experienced life all over the world. She feels that she has finally found her voice to share those experiences through authorship, mentorship, and teaching.  The wife of a retired Army veteran and an Army veteran herself, this mother of 4 finds solace in putting family first while negotiating a "Win-Win" paradigm along the way.  

Toni is a full-time doctoral student and considers that to be her full-time occupation. 

Additionally, Toni works as a Teaching Assistant to psychology graduate students and is an Adjunct Mentor to undergraduate and graduate learners. A business owner of Life4Life Wellness Center, Toni coaches teen females and young women in the areas of life skills development for the purposes of achieving long-term personal growth.  Toni is a Board Certified Coach through the Institute For Life Coach Training and holds a Master’s of Science degree in Counseling Psychology.  

Toni’s first book, More Than Just a Pretty Face; A Personal Memoir of a Young Girl’s Trials in her Early Years, is scheduled for release through College Boy Publishing on November 3, 2015.  This memoir was inspired by the notion of “tell your story,” as a good friend reminded her to do.  Toni’s story is a story that she hopes will inspire young women to see their full potential and to believe they can overcome the obstacles set before them even when it looks grim.  

Soon to be Doctor Toni C. Elmore, Ph.D., she hopes to accomplish her mission through sharing her personal accounts of both joys and sorrows of life with the intent to change lives for the better. 


Johnny Riley, Jr. - International Activist & Accomplished Business Man

Johnny Riley Jr. resides in the state of Texas. USA.  He is also founder, President and CEO of Bridging the GAPS of the United States of America an international ministry.  He is also an international business man in the marketplace and serves as president and CEO J. Riley Consulting, LLC. He is the author of three books to include Crabology.

He speaks in conferences annually all over the world. The locations he has spoken in are Johannesburg, South Africa; Lilongwe, Malawi; Jos Plateau State, Nigeria; Abuja, Nigeria, West Africa; Honduras; Mexico; and Guatemala. He also currently serves as an advisory to many African and Central America counties.

He has great success with several non-profit organizations.

Johnny has served as Director of the Office of Workforce Development of the State of Louisiana Department of Labor as an appointee of the current Governor Bobby Jindal.  He was instrumental in implementing a problem solving process between local and state partners.  He is the former Director of Community Affairs for the City of Monroe. He and his team were very successful in creating countless public private partnerships. He and his team were successful in creating the first surplus for the municipal complex. He also hosted former US President Bill Clinton when he visited his hometown.  

He has served on several state of Louisiana boards: State of Louisiana Children’s Cabinet Advisory Board, Louisiana Council on the Provision of Governmental Services to Latin Americans, and The Inmate & Workforce Advisory Council. In the past he has served on several committees such as Northeast Louisiana Children’s Coalition, President of Monroe Homeownership Board of Directors. Grambling State National Alumni Association- former president, United Way of Northeast Louisiana – Board of Directors, State Farm Activities Association – Board of Directors, Sickle Cell Anemia Board of Directors – Advisory member, and Toastmaster International – Past President.



Paige Walker - Writer, Serial Reader & Lover of Fiction

Paige N. Walker first found a love for writing in poetry. She began writing poetry when she was only in elementary school and has continued to write ever since. In 2008, she published her first book, a poetry book, called Emotions

Paige then went on to college and graduated from the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff with a degree in Biology. Though she loved science, she has always had a passion for books, reading, and writing. Having coming from a family of individuals in the medical field, including her father who is a dentist, her parents encouraged her to pursue her writing and publishing dreams. 

She began writing her first novel Transition in 2014 and is currently publishing it with College Boy Publishing. She continues her passion of reading and writing to this day.

TMarie Johnson, MS, LPC - Professional Counselor, Poet, Katrina Survivor

Born and raised in New Orleans in the late 70s, this Renaissance woman was exposed to a rich culture of food, history, and artistry at an early age. Tamika's mother, Cherylyn Maurice, wrote poetry as well but is most known for being a mezzo-soprano and her love for music. Her father, Charlie T. Johnson, Jr. is largely known in the local artist circles of New Orleans as a painter, sculptor, and muralist. All of this and more helped shaped Tamika's artistry into what it is today. She is not only a poet, painter, percussionist and songwriter but also a playwright.Tamika has combined these artistic aspects into faith-based plays, which were featured yearly at her church home in New Orleans. Additionally, Tamika has a passion for cooking and baking and shares her style of Creole cuisine with others upon request. 

In 2005, right after graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Sociology, Hurricane Katrina devastated her hometown, and Tamika began her sojourn to Texarkana. She immediately enrolled in Texas A&M University-Texarkana graduate program. Holding fast to her faith and sharing the gospel with others, led her to become a licensed minister in 2007. In 2009, Tamika graduated with a Master of Science in Counseling Psychology. This extension to her abilities assisted her with being used to touch even more lives. 

Today, Tamika is a fully Licensed Professional Counselor and is in private practice. Her focus is on assisting individuals and families understand and practice whole health goals and objectives. She is also a volunteer and mentor for several community organizations. She believes in sharing with others the many gifts that God has bestowed upon her.


Debbie Ann Taylor "D'Anne Speaks" - Corporate Business Consultant & Poet

An Augusta, GA native, writer D'Anne Speaks is the Alter Ego of Debbie Ann Taylor who has carried the dream of being an author since age 4. Raised in the small town of Swainsboro, GA, she embraces her peachiness and uses her writing to celebrate the Southern mystique and charm that she so loves. In her head, D'Anne, is the dominant, outspoken personality of three sister spirits that complete the package known as Debbie Ann. D’Anne’s sole reason for existing is to be the voice….not the face...of those who are expected to be seen but not heard.

In real-life, Debbie has enjoyed a successful career in management in the non-profit, educational and corporate sectors. She currently serves as a project manager for a major software corporation, ensuring the successful implementation of enrollment management software for post-secondary institutions. She is also self-employed as a small business and non-profit consultant focused on career branding, marketing and organizational management. She is a graduate of Florida A&M University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Broadcast Journalism.

Debbie is the mother to three daughters she refers to as The Blessings and grandmother to the Dynamic D-Man. She loves music, antiquing, comedy performances and fashion. She hopes to create the perfect love story and retire to a tropical location.


Shelda Evette - The Happy Teacher

Born Shelda Evette Furlow, Shelda Evette is an aspiring writer, compassionate teacher, and source of inspiration within her community. Shelda grew up in the small city of Camden, Arkansas where she was close to family and active in her church. She married young and became the mother of four beautiful angels.  

Shelda has never lost her love and deep compassion for God and people.  She loves helping and serving others. Shelda seeks opportunities to use her gifts to benefit others. Her personality is sunny and infectious, and her smile is contagious. She is a member of Virtuous Women United and currently serves on the leadership team as Administrator and Secretary. Shelda loves to see people happy and fulfilled, and you will almost never catch her without a smile on her face.      


The Heart That Smiles is a compilation of 31 inspirational short stories. Shelda shares these stories to enlighten the reader of her own personal experiences and encounters that brought the joy she longed for, back into her heart. She acknowledges throughout the book that having an evident, personal and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ is the key to experience a compelling joy that can carry you through the toughest of times. This is a joy that dwells in your heart and no one can take it away. This is a joy that will make your heart smile! She invites you to “Smile Too For You!"


Ron Whitaker, Jr. - Mr. I'm a VaKation

Ron Whitaker Jr., the youngest of 6 siblings from a small North East town in Texas, was instilled with the moral values of God, family, love, and loyalty. Being the youngest of 6 siblings, he was always known for being a watcher, a good listener, and a mediator.

Coming from small town (DeKalb ,TX) and a humble beginning, life had its ups and downs and as individuals we all deal with our situations the best of our knowledge and ability . One day Mr. Whitaker attended a poem night at Skyward Lounge in Texarkana, Arkansas, where he listened to several artists performing their own spoken word poetry. While snapping his fingers he was confronted by a man named "Tank." Tank told Mr. Whitaker, “I bet you could do that…” not knowing that it was something he always wanted to do but he was nervous.

Ron eventually performed and took on the stage name, VaKation , representing his ability to captivate his audience through his words and voice to create a vivid picture; often causing those listening to go on a mental vacation. From the seed planted that night by "Tank," his dream, this book, came to fruition.

Order Love, Lust, & Life book here

Sherronda Bowman - The Bright Light Therapist

Sherronda Bowman is an author, educator, playwright, personality coach, and motivational speaker. Bright Light Therapy is her first and proudest work. Native to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, she is a devoted wife, and loving mother and grandmother. She works by her beloved husband’s side, who is a minister, evangelizing the word of God to others. The Lord has the first place in her heart and she is thankful to the Lord that she can share her journey with the world.

In her first book, Bright Light Therapy, Sherronda Bowman shares a unique and colorful approach to illustrate her life-changing amazing moments- hoping to motivate you to “plug-in” your inner light using biblical principles.

As she shares her journey of faith through multiple colorful stories, Christ in her – the Hope of Glory, shines through and brings others out of darkness into the marvelous light each and every time.

The Enemy of Good desires to put out the Bright Light within us all. However, just as the rain is used to see the colors of the rainbow acting as a prism, when the light of God is present in us, the darkness is eliminated and we see life in a colorful way.


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